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Autor Tema: Pentax 645d  (Leído 2424 veces)

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Pentax 645d
« en: Enero 14, 2011, 09:07:22 »
Pese a las funestas predicciones de, imagino de los amigos canikon, he aquí lo qe se está diciendo de la 645d, a falta de lo que está por decir.

I proposed this test to Mark hoping to prove that the Pentax was at least in the same league as the Phase – an instrument I have the utmost respect for.  The final results are more than I had hoped for.  In this field-test at least, there is nothing to separate the cameras beyond the 645D’s superior high ISO performance.

In studio, I suspect that the Phase would be better, but that remains a supposition. Since the Pentax does not allow a professional tethering solution, there is little danger that it will find many adopters amongst high-end commercial studio shooters.  In its native habitat, however, the Pentax more than holds its own.

The 645D has changed the landscape of medium format digital.  Pentax has given us the best handling MFSLR at the lowest price thus far. Image quality is excellent, and the high ISO is very usable.  The Mamiya DF and Hasselblad H bodies have suddenly started to look very long in the tooth.  All is not perfect, because Pentax really needs to release a full line of digitally-optimized lenses.  The 55mm SDM is but a start, and a few question marks hover over the quality of their 'legacy' lenses. 

All in all, however, Pentax has done a good job. The 645D is a photographer's camera.  And that's the highest praise there is.

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Re: Pentax 645d
« Respuesta #1 en: Enero 25, 2011, 10:53:46 »
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